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Bullseye! - the amazon international best selling book by Dave Halls

Bullseye! shows you how to become a great communicator and get the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience.

"Bullseye! takes the mystery out of what makes a good communication and reveals what you can do to become a great communicator" - from the foreword by Dr Joe Vitale, best-selling author and star of the movie "The Secret"

Bullseye! shows you how to become a great communicator and get the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience.

Get your hands on the book that became an amazon best seller on the weekend it was launched. And discover how you could be changing your world by becoming a great communicator.

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Scientifically proven

Dave Halls' Bullseye! has been university validated, proven to increase productivity by 50%, and is now a communication text book for incoming professors at one of the largest college districts in the United States

Praise for Bullseye!

"Are you ready to take full control of your destiny? Choosing to master the art of communication is exactly where to begin. Bullseye gives you the clarity, foundation, and plan to bring your ability to express yourself to another level, in the numerous channels that are available in today’s connected world. Prepare to separate yourself from the pack and stand out from the rest."
Tom Beal Speaker, author and founder of "Make Today Great"
Having been a business coach for over 20 years, I know that Dave Halls methodology is the best way for companies and individuals to increase their success 200%. His approach is scientific, down to earth and creates real results. Start using his communication strategies today!
Dr Todd Eller, Professor, Los Angeles College District
"What a splendid book! A brilliant five step process to build an effective message for any type of communication medium. It teaches anyone how to develop the right message for the right audience. Every person should own a copy of “Bullseye!” – it is a great resource that is packed with actionable strategies to fast impact your life, work and dreams"
Rene Kamstra International speaker, communication expert and media personality

You're going to learn

How to craft a targeted message

How to engage your audience

The best language for each comms medium

How to use comms to achieve your purpose

How to choose the best medium for your message

The simple comms process for success

About the author

Dave Halls

Dave Halls

Communication Expert and best selling author

Dave Halls is a communication expert who helps entrepreneurs, corporate professionals and small to medium business owners become great communicators. He does this through speaking at conferences, group-based training, one-on-one executive coaching and a range of  online training courses based on his university validated Bullseye methodology.

His best selling book Bullseye! - Getting the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience has been used as the official communication text book for incoming professors at the largest college district in the US.

The Bullseye! communication methodology draws on his experience working with corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners and digital marketers to improve their communication success over the last 25 years.

Dr. Joe Vitale, best-selling author of numerous books and star of the blockbuster movie "The Secret", wrote the foreword to the book. Many industry leaders have also endorsed the book.

Dave is also an accomplished jazz pianist who has recorded on many CDs, including his own "Burning Time" and "Walking Home". He leverages his creativity in his training courses which makes it highly engaging and effective for learners.


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